The Vermentino grape variety

Vermentino, together with Cannonau, is the other vine that characterizes the Sardinian wine panorama.
In Gallura, in the furthest north-east part of Sardinia, this vine gives rise to a particular variety, the so-called Vermentino of Gallura, which is the only Sardinian DOCG.
Here the particular soil and climate conditions, lands from granitic disintegration, rich in potassium and sea breezes blowing from the north east, give to grapes peculiarities unfindable in other Vermentinis in the rest of Sardinia and Italy.

The origin of this wine is not completely clear. We know that its origins are in Spain, it spreaded in Corsica and then in our island around the XV century. Its appearance in Sardinia is quite recent, dating from the last decades of the nineteenth century, with the first plants introduced in Gallura. In this land, burnt and impracticable for the most common agricultural crops, constantly beaten by the Mistral winds, the Vermentino manages to express itself with characteristics of distinct personality.

Vermentino of Gallura wine

Vermentino of Gallura is a white wine very fresh and fragrant, from straw yellow colour, with a certain degree of freshness and minerality, soft and persistent with hints of white flowers and fruits, which is well appropriated as an aperitif but also, excellent with fish dishes typical of our island: roasted fish and seafood main dishes. To try with fresh or matured cheeses.

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