The cannonau grape

Cannonau of Sardinia is the Sardinian vine par excellence, the best known, the one that reminds, in the common imaginary, our land and culture.
It is one of the Sardinian DOC, probably the best known in the world.
Its origin is quite uncertain, but some studies trace back this vine to the Spanish domination of the island and the most recent ones instead deny this argument supposing its endemicity.

Some grape seeds remains, dating back to 3200 years ago, have been found in different areas of the island to prove how this vine can truly represent the wine’s origins in Sardinia.
Cannonau of Sardinia constitutes the thirty per cent of the total Sardinian area under vines and occupies a total zone of about 7500 hectares, concentrated over 70% in the province of Nuoro, more specifically in Oliena, Orgosolo and Mamoiada, even if this vine is cultivated in the whole Sardinia.

The yields of grapes are never very elevated and reach an average of 80 quintals per hectare.

The Cannonau of Sardinia

Cannonau Wine of Sardinia is characterized by a typical and particular richness of taste and fragrance, variable in different areas; it has a good structure and taste-olfactory sensations, reminding, in different expressions, flowers or red and fresh fruits, steering toward riper fruits notes of marmalades and hot spicy nuances in riserva or liqueur.

Cannonau of Sardinia has a beautiful ruby red color that, with ageing, shows garnet colour reflections or increasingly intense orange. The perfume is fresh, spiced, matured and with fruity scents (especially of wild berries and plums); it’s also possible to perceive ethereal hints tending to resin, or floral nuances mainly reminding the passita rose. The taste is rich, warm, soft and complete; in addition to this it leaves a pleasant aftertaste slightly bitter and tannic.

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