Where the
eagles fly

Our vineyards in Sardinia are raised in a single environment.

Tenute Gregu lands cover an area of about 50 ha in the countryside of Calangianus, in Gallura, on a granitic disintegration by 500 meters above sea level. This, combined with a special microclimate, makes this area ideal for grapes growing, giving to our wines exceptional shades and intense aromas.
An unique and uncontaminated background at foothills of Limbara Mountains, base of the Limbara Regional Park, between olive and cork trees surrounded by scents of wild mint and strawberries and myrtle, where the mouflon, fallow deer and golden eagles live in harmony.

And the sun shines on the grapes

On our vineyards in Sardinia the sun offers its warm rays, which illuminate and are reflected on the grapes  to ripe them best. The wind coming from the sea gives salinity and the land from granitic disintegration nourishes plants, making them stronger and more resistant.
The vineyard area is extended for about 30 hectares, distributed in two large fields, with different altitude, exposure and microclimate which gives particular organoleptic characteristics to grapes. The main grape is Vermentino, which occupies about 85% of the total vineyard area, and here in Gallura finds its ideal habitat to give us intense and fragrant, elegant and sincere wines. In the rest of the vineyards are cultivated other native varieties such as Cannonau, Carignano and Sardinian Bovale.

Vermentino grapes in Gallura

Uva Vermentino di Gallura

Vermentino, together with Cannonau, is the other vine that characterizes the Sardinian wine panorama.

In Gallura, in the furthest north-east part of Sardinia, this vine gives rise to a particular variety, the so-called Vermentino di Gallura, which is the only Sardinian DOCG.

Here the particular soil and climate conditions, lands from granitic disintegration, rich in potassium and sea breezes blowing from the north east, give to grapes peculiarities unfindable in other Vermentino grapes in the rest of Sardinia and Italy.

Cannonau grape

Uva Cannonau di Sardegna

Cannonau of Sardinia is the Sardinian vine par excellence, the best known, the one that reminds, in the common imaginary, our land and culture. It is one of the Sardinian DOC, probably the best known in the world, the most cultivated in Sardinian vineyards.
Its origin is quite uncertain, but some studies trace back this vine to the Spanish domination of the island and the most recent ones instead deny this argument supposing its endemicity.
Some grape seeds remains, dating back to 3200 years ago, have been found in different areas of the island to prove how this vine can truly represent the wine’s origins in Sardinia.

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