Our bond
with the land

The history of our Sardinian wine farm begins long time ago, during the early 20s of the 1900, in the Barbagia Region, when the Gregu family started the cultivation of vines and production of wine for home consumption or to be sold loose in the village and areas nearby.
From that moment on, directions of the family and viticulture have been provisionally divided, but the bond with the land and wine has never come to an end.

With the passing of time, these roots have gained strength and awareness to become a concrete bond able to involve the youngest members of the family.

Lives again today
with a young spirit

Nowadays, this bond becomes more intense and dynamic through the initiative of the new family branches, the youngest and enterprising ones who, settled in Gallura, have followed the family’s origins, the teachings of the ancestors and Sardinian wine tradition, combining them to a new vision, in a wine project. This is how Tenute Gregu a Sardinian wine farm comes alive, to be an expression of tradition and innovation, quality and excellence in the production of the typical vine varieties of Gallura Region and Sardinia.

A challenge that we face every day with a fresh spirit, but rooted in the Sardinian wine tradition, a bond with the land that continues and it is renewed.

Where the sun
shines on the grapes

Grappolo vermentino

Here, the sun offers its warm rays, which illuminate and are reflected on the grapes to ripe them best. The wind coming from the sea gives salinity and the land from granitic disintegration nourishes plants, making them stronger and more resistant.

An environmental background of unlimited value, with cork trees woods, holm oaks, at the base of Limbara Mountains and its Regional Park, with eagles and mouflons, myrtle and lentisk.

Every day we
renew our history


Day after day, grape after grape, vine after vine, we create our history.
We deal with all of this with a holistic approach in which technique, wine culture
and respect for the environment are combined together.

From vines cultivation to the harvest, from wine making to wines sale, everything happens following meticulous quality processes.

We produce wines
to be remembered

Glasses of Vermentino and Cannonau

A continuous pursuit of quality and attention to details distinguish the passion heritage, nature and wine culture that identify us. Our Wines are an expression of love and passion for land and viticulture on one side, of environment and nature on the other, united with continuous research and non-stop innovation.

Our purpose is to produce quality wines to impart in each bottle, in every single glass, aromas and sensations, able to best describe and make unforgettable our Wines.

Our wines