Our Vermentino of Gallura DOCG grows among oaks and holm oaks trees, at the foothills of Limbara Mountain.

Antica botte per il vino

Arriving at Tenute Gregu means to enter in an uncontaminated environment with woods of oaks and holm oaks trees, surrounded by the Mediterranea Maquis, at the base of Limbara Mountains, where the Golden Eagle reigns and the Mouflon climbs up.

Here it is where our vineyards are located and our Wines of Sardinia are produced.

Between Telti and Calangianus countrysides there are 30 hectares of grapevines, where Cannonau and, especially Vermentino, which gives us a magnificent and unique wine, grow up.

Vermentino of Gallura DOCG is the only DOCG from Sardinia and we produce two wines of this characteristic grape: Selenu and Rías.

It’s a pleasure for us to introduce you our Wines and to taste them together, in order to experience flavours and scents of the most authentic and friendly Gallura Region.

Our bond with the land

Our history begins long time ago, during the early 20s of the 1900, in the Barbagia Region, when the Gregu family started the cultivation of vines and production of wine for home consumption or to be sold loose in the village and areas nearby.

Our wines
We produce wines to be remembered.

A continuous pursuit of quality and attention to details distinguish the passion heritage, nature and wine culture that identify us.
Our Wines are an expression of love and passion for land and viticulture on one side, of environment and nature on the other, united with continuous research and non-stop innovation.

Our purpose is to produce quality wines to impart in each bottle, in every single glass, aromas and sensations, able to best describe and make unforgettable our Wines.

We are currently producing four wines: two Vermentino of Gallura DOCG, a Cannonau of Sardegna DOC and a Rosè wine from Cannonau grapes.

Where Eagles Fly

An unique and uncontaminated background at the base of Limbara Mountains, location of the Regional Park of Limbara, with wild olive and centuries-old cork trees, in the scents of wild mint and strawberries and myrtle, where the mouflon, the fallow deer and the golden eagle live in harmony.


Some pictures of our vineyards. Between nature and territory come and discover where Vermentino of Gallura is produced.